• Most micro-lending institutes provide funding to local financial institutions which in turn provide loans at their discretion. Monetix works very closely with it’s partners. The investor has the ultimate decision to which borrowers the funds are deployed.
  • Traditionally micro-loans are payout in cash. The Monetix platform sends the money directly to the phone of the ultimate borrower via mobile money. This is saver and allows for a better compliance monitoring.
  • Typically, micro-lending is very paper heavy. Monetix has simplified the process and reduces significantly the paper requirement.

Please contact us via email or the contact form. Prior to investing we have the regulatory requirement to onboard you as a client. We will contact you and run you through the process.

  • Monetix works with local partners in each jurisdiction. The local partners perform a pre-selection of potential borrowers. Only the borrowers that satisfy all the criteria are eligible for investment from Monetix investors.
  • The funds are directly transferred to the mobile phone of the borrowers to ensure funds are not lost within the system.
  • The partners are subject to bi-annual reviews to ensure they comply with our standards.

The interest rates applied depend on the market and individual credit risk of the borrower. Monetix is eager to increase efficiency and hence have lower than market interest rates. Our goal is to help young entrepreneurs with affordable interest rates in order to reduce poverty.

Monetix is acting as a broker allowing investors to invest in loans. Monetix has the duty to identify each investor and perform the necessary AML/KYC checks.


Contact us to organise a meeting or to learn more about impact investing.