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Monetix is a Swiss technology company building a trusted investment gateway into Uganda and East Africa. We enable a global investor base which emphasizes social objectives beyond an attractive investment yield. Our success is based on strong local roots, technological innovation, and employable skill building programs.

What We Do

What We Do
Simple Access to Affordable Financing
Monetix originated from the founders’ ambition to level the playing field for entrepreneurs in emerging markets and provide easy access to affordable financing. Restricted access to working capital is the single biggest limiting factor for local businesses. Leveraging decades of experience in cross-border payments and investments and a passion for cutting-edge financial technology built the foundation of what is today Uganda’s quickest way to access affordable capital.
Education and Employable Skill building
Monetix together with its local partner CapitalSavvy provides free-of-charge education and training to its target audience. These educational efforts focus on basic business practices such as bookkeeping and invoicing as well as entrepreneurship and practical-oriented programming skills. For the latter Monetix sources partners from its network, including incubator programs, technology trainers, and ask-me-anything sessions with established tech entrepreneurs
How it works

Making A Real Impact Made Easy.
Monetix is a regulated financial service provider in Switzerland. We broker purpose loans for a fixed interest rate per annum to our local partner CapitalSavvy.

CapitalSavvy is a regulated entity headquartered in Kampala, Uganda, with a significant and successful track record in lending in the Microfinance and SME sector. Lending is a people’s business, trust and relationships are the key elements to ensure collection. This is why CapitalSavvy lends out in its own name.
USD 1mn+
In loans given
Loans processed
< 1%
Non-performing loan rate

Our Partner

Meet Our
Partner in East Africa
CapitalSavvy logo
CapitalSavvy (CS) is a Ugandan capital advisory firm headquartered in Kampala. The company provides investment and financial advisory services with the help of Monetix's digital lending platform. The technological innovation enables CS to be the market leader in the SME sector. Moreover, CS enhances its offering with free educational and training programs with an emphasis on finance and general business practice.
CapitalSavvy, CEO

Economic Opportunity

The Economic Opportunity of Uganda
#1 financial sector in the East Africa region is Uganda
#1 financial sector in the East Africa region is Uganda

Over the past few years Uganda has significantly eased the severity of capital controls, bolstered interbank foreign exchange liquidity and enhanced standards of exchange rate data. Additionally, Bank of Uganda’s ability to manage volatility from foreign capital flows by considering the adequacy of forex serves is a very positive signal for foreign direct investment. Uganda’s interbank foreign exchange liquidity rose significantly.

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#4 rank in Africa’ financial market attractiveness study in 2022 for Uganda, only behind stronger developed South Africa, Nigeria and Mauritius.
#4 rank in Africa’ financial market attractiveness study in 2022 for Uganda, only behind stronger developed South Africa, Nigeria and Mauritius.

Significant improvements in the adoption of ESG policies and frameworks supported Uganda’s score this year. Additionally the Bank of Uganda’s launch of its strategic plan for 2022-27 which include CBDCs, financial sustainability and big data evidence the opening up of the economy to investors and its ambition to play a lead role in the economic uprise of the East African region.

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#4 African nation with highest expected wealth per capita growth rate is Uganda
#4 African nation with highest expected wealth per capita growth rate is Uganda

New World Health predicts a healthy wealth growth of 38% for Africa over the next decade, with several East African countries standing out. Uganda is expected to see a 50% growth rate to 2031, ahead of the rest of Africa.

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About Us

Monetix is the First-Mover of Holistic Business Growth Advocacy!
Having worked many years in the cross-border investment space and financial industry the co-founders of Monetix committed to building a trusted bridge between two worlds:

One world where access to capital is easy, interest rates are low and investors eagerly look for investment opportunities with yield and social impact.

The other world is a reality where opportunities are manyfold but cannot be taken on because capital is rare, expensive and hard to access. Yields are great and the impact is measurable and visible.

There are many worlds but we all live on the same planet. Technology allows us to bridge those worlds and allows capital to flow where it is most effectively used with the highest impact. With decades of experience and a strong local network, this journey has been both rewarding and satisfying in many ways.
about us
CapitalSavvy's Reginald Tumusiime and Monetix's Patrick Prinz
Founder Message
Uganda - the Pearl of Africa - is full of talent. 'Overskilled but underfunded' is a common statement from international development organizations. Monetix shares this experience. Over the last 12 months, Monetix has supported many entrepreneurs and SMEs with funding. Moreover, we trained company owners for free to professionalize their operations. We want to share some of our personal experiences with this report. Working in this part of the world is both rewarding and adventurous. We all live on the same planet. However, there are still different worlds. Monetix aims to level the playing field and provide every entrepreneur with a fair chance.
Over the next 12 months, Monetix is going to issue a bond in order to grow its loan book in Uganda. Moreover, we are going to release the first-ever credit rating system for SME companies. This will propel the SME sector to the next level and allow other financers to join us in growing prosperity in this promising country. We invite you to join us on our journey.

Our Leadership Team

Unity in Diversity
Samuel Hieber, CFA, CPA

Samuel was born in Nigeria where he spent his early childhood. He values diversity as a major force of creativity and innovation. Samuel speaks fluent Chinese and acts as a source of inspiration with regard to ESG and SDGs within the team.

Samuel is a Swiss Certified Public Account (CPA), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), and has a Master's degree in International Relations.

Damalie Mukiibi

Damalie is a seasoned banking veteran with 20+ years of management experience in Banking and Financial Services in emerging markets, with a proven track record on SME businesses,Capital Management.

Damalie holds a BA (Econ) & MBA in Oil and Gas and participates in and practises various Social Impact Advisory Roles.

Patrick Prinz, CFA

A visionary leader with a passion for creating positive change. Patrick is committed to making a lasting impact on the continent through impact Investment and Employable Skill Building Programs.

Patrick carries a wealth of experience in the financial and technology industries. He is a CFA charter holder and has a Master’s degree in Banking and Finance.

Crescenda Babiera

Cres is a strong advocate of United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It enables her to find the balance between altruism and professionalism with a business capability to extend assistance through Impact Investing and ESG with Monetix.

Cres graduated with a degree in BSc Computer Programming and brings experience working with several international finance & technology companies.

Reginald Tumusiime

Reginald is a go-getting entrepreneur and passionate networker with a professional background from leading financial institutions including Standard Chartered Bank where he led the Big Data Analytics unit for Business Banking Segment in Kenya, and Stanbic Bank Uganda where he led the Capital Management unit.

He holds a BSc in Statistics and is currently pursuing the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) program.

Prossy Wanyana

Prossy is into volunteerism and a very engaged educator to women and children in Africa. She joined the Education and Employable Skill building program of Monetix's local partner and completed it with flying colours.

Prossy’s educational background is in Software Engineering and now supplements the team as Monetix’s first local hire in Uganda.

Shikher Verma

Shikher helps Monetix to develop state-of-the-art fintech technology to provide people seamless access to financing with a secured and trustworthy platform.

He is a Cybersecurity expert turned entrepreneur. Prior to joining the Monetix team, he provided various technical support in the international market.

Grace Alimpa

Grace is a diligent and accomplished professional with a wealth of experience in the Ugandan financial sector. She contributes her skills and knowledge to help clients achieve their investment goals and build strong relationships with both clients and investors.

Grace holds a Bachelor's degree in Microfinance. Moreover, she completed partial certification in ACCA Level II and specialised in credit financing throughout her career.

Benjamin Rubaramira

With his analytical skills and interest in finance, Benjamin is well-equipped to provide valuable insights and advice on investment strategies and has built strong relationships with the local Ugandan entrepreneurs and clients.

Benjamin is a professional statistician with a strong passion for investments. He is currently undertaking the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) program to further his knowledge in the field.


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