Lyllian Nakasujja the Operation Manager at Refactory at the launch of the Blockchain Innovation Program (BIP) in Uganda, spoke about one of the utilities of blockchain which is the mobile certification and discussed the skill sets and languages needed to become a blockchain developer.

Refactory is advancing the tech industry in Uganda through skilling developers with learning methods designed for Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 protocols. Enabling the developers to land their dream jobs and or employers. They started adopting blockchain by issuing over certificates for their technology students via the Diwala application, which is used to issue certificates to their graduates authenticating the skills acquired from their institution. Lyllian believes that this can be used even for big universities.

"We would never have to suffer with our transcripts and getting our transcripts over a period of a whole year and the employers are not waiting." - Lyllian Nakasujja

Diwala is a trusted credential & verification platform that can issue mobile certificates. Refactory is scaling for global employment, this enables the ability to share the certificate with someone in abroad and they can trust it because of its immutability from the Diwala end of things. The work process is when the students finished school, Refactory will inform the Diwala team of the student's particular skills and what they have gone through exactly from all the procedures to ensure that the student is capable of what is stated in the certificate.

The Team will issue these certificates from their platform with data integrity together with the credibility of the institution, where the student finished school. The certificate is verifiable through the platform.

In terms of skilling for software developers, Refactory recently also introduced Data Science. Then, in the next three months, they will introduce blockchain technology and some other programs, product management, everything around software development, Its enablers, technology, scrum masters, product managers, project managers, UI, and more.

Refactory has been training software developers based on the JavaScript framework. This way it will enable them to produce a software developer that is all-rounded, understands the front-end and back-end of things, and is able to communicate with their team.

"To apply what they have learned when they go into a certain job or a team that does not necessarily write JavaScript, they're very quickly able to learn how to write Python (i.e) because they have the right principles and skill set to be an all-rounded software developer." - Lyllian Nakasujja

To apply this to Blockchain, developers must need to have a good understanding of JavaScript, C# (C Sharp), C++, and other languages that come from Web 2.0 to advance in blockchain technology.

Refactory has started building partnerships with CapitalSavvy and Coding Dojo in America to train blockchain developers.

"I'm so happy about this partnership then we're able to have blockchain developers trained on BSV Blockchain platform and they're also able to apply what they already know from what've trained before in refractory." - Lyllian Nakasujja

Blockchain developers are among those high-level advanced technology people that are being sought after, and it would be very good for everyone who has decided that this is a line of work or career that you're going to grow yourself into, to then set yourself apart and decide from which one of these sought after technologies, the developers is going to set apart from the many software developers  - She added.

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