The trend towards impact investing has been gaining momentum in recent years, with investors seeking to align their portfolios with their values and make a positive impact on society and the environment. While Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investing has been a popular approach, a new impact frontier is emerging that goes beyond ESG and focuses on specific, measurable outcomes.

According to a recent article from Nasdaq, the new impact frontier is a response to the limitations of ESG investing. Critics of ESG investing argue that the criteria are too broad and often don't lead to real-world impact. By focusing on specific outcomes, such as affordable housing, renewable energy, or access to education, investors can have a more direct and tangible impact on the issues they care about.

However, choosing between impact and financial return is a complex decision that requires careful consideration. As Triodos Investment Management points out, impact investments may have the potential to generate positive social and environmental outcomes, but they may also come with higher risk and potentially lower financial returns compared to traditional investments.

It's important for investors to consider their individual goals and priorities when making investment decisions. Some may prioritize financial returns and be willing to accept lower impact, while others may prioritize impact and be willing to accept lower financial returns. In either case, it's crucial for investors to thoroughly research and understand the investment opportunities available to them.

The new impact frontier beyond ESG represents a unique opportunity for investors to have a more direct and tangible impact on the issues they care about. However, it's important to understand that this type of investing requires careful consideration and a clear understanding of the trade-offs between impact and financial return. Investors should take the time to educate themselves about the various investment options and choose the one that best aligns with their goals and values.


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