United Nations' Sustainable Development No. 9 is Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure. Monetix's 'Education and Employable Skill building' program is aligned with this goal. The company also acknowledges the tremendous impact and work done by Africa Code Week, which is nailing the same purpose. The African Code Week, with its initiative by SAP designed to promote coding and computer science education in Africa to increase tech literacy and improve employment opportunities for young people.

Since its inception in 2015, Africa Code Week has reached over four million young people across Africa, providing them with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the tech industry.

One of the ways that Africa Code Week has changed technology in Africa is by increasing the number of people who can develop and create technology by providing coding education to young people. It has helped to create a pool of talented developers who can contribute to the growth of the tech industry in Africa.

Africa Code Week has helped to promote the use of technology on the continent. Particularly in schools and communities that may have yet to have had access to it previously, not leaving out the rural areas where most children don't even have access to electricity or computers, for example, visiting upcountry areas like Mbarara, Mbale, and Karamoja in Uganda. Africa Code Week has helped increase tech literacy and encourage more people to engage with technology by providing resources and training on how to use technology.

ACW goes ahead to address the education gender inequality gap that is a big issue in most African countries with programs that focus on girls and women like the ACW Women Empowerment Program(WEP) and #eskillforgirls. The programs have provided the tools for girls and women to spark their interest in ICT-related programs. It brings together African female teachers and educators in Computer Science and STEM to foster educational, collaborative, and innovative programs.
With the above programs, Africa code week has introduced computational thinking in classrooms, providing inclusivity in gender and people with special needs through training and mentorship programs that have built interconnected, solid communities in Africa.

Monetix & Africa Code Week do not directly engage with each other at the moment. However, Monetix believes building more Educational and Skill-building initiatives through impact investing we can reward people who support this particular interest.

Photo in the background is credited to Africa Code Week

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