Long before the Blockchain Innovation Program, CapitalSavvy and Monetix Ltd., have established strong partnerships in Investments, FinTech, Business Advisory, and Technological Employable Skill-Building Programs, locally in Uganda.

"Monetix was started with the vision to level the playing field for entrepreneurs in restricted markets. Beyond simple access to an affordable financing, Monetix has always counted on knowledge to be the key pillar enabling these entrepreneurs to succeed and operate independently." -  Patrick Prinz, Monetix, CEO

The Blockchain Innovation Program is a leapfrog for CapitalSavvy and Monetix's vision of Employable Skill-Building Program on technology.

"The Blockchain Innovation Program teaches employable skills on a new type of data infrastructure which is permissionless, unboundedly scalable and enables the pricing of data down to micro level. " - Patrick Prinz

Patrick Prinz added that being a strong believer in this type of infrastructure is what the future of emerging markets with ambition and talent like they encounter in Uganda every day, will be built on.

"It removes the restrictions and dependencies that traditional data and payment infrastructures put on young Ugandan entrepreneurs today. And, with CapitalSavvy the ideal partner and pioneer were found to launch this program for the very first time in Africa." - Patrick Prinz

The sponsorship of the Block Dojo and the Bitcoin Association for the Blockchain Innovation Program empowers more this project.  Now, it has been expanded, and through BIP, it allows more local developers and builders across the region to have a formal BSV Blockchain course, powered by BSV Academy.

"We were privileged to partner with the BSV Blockchain Association. And so there will be learning skills that have been powered by the BSV Blockchain Academy and these are really hardcore developer skills where they will learn how to code on the BSV Blockchain." - Reginald Tumusiime

BIP is a 10-week self-space program with occasional meet-ups, where the fast cohort will be meeting physically. The idea is to nurture the other aspects of an entrepreneur. The cohort will have speakers to tackle topics ranging from strategy to sales, to marketing, and to even other interesting topics such as wellness and mental health and things of that nature.

At the end of the 10 weeks program, there will be a hackathon where the participants will have a chance to demonstrate the knowledge they've acquired to build a project, either a totally new project or an enhanced one they've been engaged in.

Watch the Exclusive Interview with Reginald Tumusiime, CapitalSavvy, CEO on YouTube. 

The best project will be picked by its idea, quality, and other criteria. The best entrepreneur will be sent to London for a further twelve-week accelerator program with the Block Dojo. The Dojo focuses more on the startup bottlenecks and other elements that are required to build a successful business. It is an opportunity for the successful entrepreneur to get access to funding and interact with different investors across different areas.

The opportunity in this program is open across the region in East Africa. To engage with as many young developers within the region as possible. Interested applicants must have basic knowledge of a programming language such as JavaScript,  C++, Python, and other programming languages.

Tumusiime hopes to coincide the graduation day with the launch of an accelerator fund, which the team is still finalizing the details of. The idea around this fund to support the cohort beyond their grad, to create a coworking space, to equip them with the right skills, the right mentorship, and the proper linkages with like-minded people to continuously engage.

BSV Blockchain is the chosen base blockchain protocol in this program, because of its Stability, Scalability, Security, and Safe Instant Transaction (SIT). These factors enable businesses to plan years in advance and commit significant resources to build on stable protocol, to have a horizontal scaling approach and an uncapped block size allowing unbounded transaction processing, to backed distributed timestamping that creates unsurpassed security, and to have the ability to unlock the bricks-and-mortar merchant market and enabling new business models with micropayments and nano services.

"The BSV blockchain has positioned itself as an enterprise-grade blockchain. I keep telling people that this whole blockchain space has been filled with lots of crypto discussions and speculation. So it's one of those protocols that has come out very clearly to dissociate from speculation and focus more on enterprise credit solutions." - Reginald Tumusiime

Tumusiime added that the BIP and sponsors are focusing on skills, not speculation, and elements around crypto. As Cryptocurrency is just one use case for blockchain.

"BSV has really done well to differentiate itself from speculation, to focus more on building an ecosystem of builders and non-speculators, which is why we're attracted to working with them." - Reginald Tumusiime

BIP launch engaged with different stakeholders. The panel was diverse, they had Edline E. Murungi the Legal Council of Yellow Card App, David Gonahasa the Managing Director of Tripesa, Lyllian Nakasujja the Operation Manager at RefactoryCK Japheth the Team Lead at Innovation Village, and the session was moderated by Kwame Rugunda the Chief Executive of CryptoSavannah. This diversity serves as a motivation and gives some sports sort, of demonstration of working as a team.

Check the latest updates and or announcements about the Blockchain Innovation Program or BIP at the CapitalSavvy Linkedin page or at www.bip.capitalsavvy.pro.

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