Reginald Tumusiime, CEO & Founder of CapitalSavvy (Ugandan Investment Firm) took the stage at the  Global Blockchain Convention 2022 in Dubai to share his wisdom with fellow panelists, Kashifu Inuwa CCIE (Director General, National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), Nigeria), Aku Jibril (Group Vice Chairman, FMDQ Group |, Chairman, Domineum Blockchain Solutions), and Dr Catherine Lephoto (Executive Sales Director, VX Technologies), to discuss about the 'Blockchain in Africa'. The session was moderated by Ahmed Yousif  (Middle East Lead,  Blockchain for Government Initiative).

Ahmed asked a very interesting question about Africa being the continent with the most resources, yet the one with the most problematic and in an investment perspective, how could this problem be an opportunity and attractive for investors to come and open doors for investment in technology using blockchain.

Reginald gave an example that in Africa, according to the Africa Development Bank, there is a credit gap of $100 billion for SMEs and 80% of that is in Sub-Saharan. He saw this situation as an opportunity.

" And that led us to get into a partnership with Monetix Ltd. to address that gap. Right? And we've seen tremendous growth over the last 24 months."
-- Reginald Tumusiime

In Agriculture, as the backbone of the Ugandan Economy, Reginald also states that one of the initiatives that the government continuously focuses on is how farmers get access to agro-inputs and commodities in partnership with different development partners.

"In our work, we've suggested a solution to the agriculture sector using NFT because it is known to be a digital speculative tool, to track how the commodities move from a dealer to the farmer through the extension workers that are all over the country."
-- Reginald Tumusiime

In Payment methods, he discussed that it costs an average of 8% to 10% to send money across countries, within the region, outside, and within Africa. He is looking at how Centbee which is part of the blockchain ecosystem is solving that.

Being a very young population, having 60% of it below 25 yrs old, Reginald believes that there will be a huge adaptation of this new technology in the country to solve the problem and looking forward to being part of the solution.

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