CodeQueens are volunteer teachers educating children, saving women from abuse, and empowering them to explore and make each dream come true. This group of women comes together to build a community that will help each other, as they say, 'No woman left behind'.

This women's community has diverse members, from homemakers to professionals and businesswomen. The common denominator is the passion for technology. CodeQueens are meant for Ladies who write and teach computer languages and can code and build software and web applications.

However, the members are not only computer geeks, but entrepreneurs as well. To continue volunteerism in helping children and women across the country, hand in hand, they work together. It is uprising tech-savvy entrepreneurs like CodeQueens who appreciate Monetix's fully digitized loan application process the most. This is a growing target audience that is raised with digital services and demands agility such as Monetix provides.

Each woman has a story to tell, a company to fund, and a dream to extend the support they pledged to their community—a promise of hope.

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