Sylvester is the CEO and Founder of Seth & Cushman Market Trading Ltd., located in Kampala, Uganda. A few years ago, he started buying onions and other vegetables from farmers in the country. Initially in minimal amounts (a sack of onions). He, in turn, sold the products in the city's market.

Once, when buying onions, he discovered a coffee plant. He was fascinated and wanted to learn all about it. His father, who lives in the countryside,  offered him permission to use part of his land to learn about the production of coffee beans. Once he understood the entire production cycle including trading and shipping, he decided to go into coffee trading himself. At first, nobody wanted to give him credit. After thorough due diligence and the necessary guarantees, Sylvester received funding from Monetix’s local partner to buy coffee beans from the cooperatives. He started with USD 100 and today it generates just shy of USD 2.5m in sales and is growing strongly.

Seth & Cushman trade Arabica and Robusta coffee. Its customers are international wholesalers who roast the raw beans. Seth & Cushman Market Traders Ltd. helps the growth of the coffee exporting industry in Uganda. Monetix’s local partner supports Sylvester with additional funding as he expands the current project. Beyond coffee trading, Seth & Cushman provide local farmers with the proper farming equipment to support efficient production. Through Sylvester’s engagement, his firm is seen positively by the local farmers.

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