Patrick is the CEO of Applied Principles Consulting Ltd., with the main office in Kampala, Uganda. In his professional past, he worked for top IT security companies in the US for many years. Initially, Patrick wanted to set up an outsourcing company to attract global customers at lower prices. However, he quickly realized that there was also significant unexplored potential for cybersecurity needs in Uganda. Today, despite its still small size of 15 employees, Applied Principles is the leading Information security and forensics firm in Uganda, setting a new standard regarding the quality of IT security monitoring.

The office compound itself is very well-secured and constantly video-monitored. It seems logical since Applied Principles look after systemically essential organizations such as the Ugandan Central Bank. The company also leverages industry expertise, practices, and tools to deliver transformational and sustainable security and forensics solutions that impact business imperatives.

After Airtel - the most prominent local mobile money provider - was hacked in late 2022 and suffered severe losses, Applied Principles won a large mandate with MTN, another leading mobile money provider. To complete this mandate, Applied Principles must purchase additional equipment, expand its team, and bridge wages until the first tranche of the contract is paid out (which can take up to 6 months).

John Patrick is a demonstration of what the Monetix team experiences over and over again: Uganda's talent is skilled but underfunded. The scarcest input factor is capital. Monetix is making a difference by allowing amazing businesses such as Applied Principles to become African success stories luring in more foreign direct investor capital. John Patrick's goal is to expand the scope of his business as a pan–African Cyber Security, Digital Forensics, and Innovations firm. He is eyeing to employ and build local developers and talents in the country to join his journey.

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