Andrew managed to overcome a difficult upbringing and the challenges of a broken home. From a young age, he set his sights on becoming who he is today.

One particularly inspiring story from his life is the Bakery Project, which was sparked by the Covid-19 lockdowns. Andrew wanted to find a way to help his community to earn some additional income as well as, minimize the cost of living in the countryside, and give back to the region. He hoped that the success of the project would someday draw the attention of leaders and bring infrastructure improvements such as electricity, water, and roads to the area.

To get the project off the ground, Andrew built a wood-fired oven in his kitchen and began baking small loaves of bread using his own special mix. The loaves were small so that they would be affordable for everyone. He enlisted the help of Boda-Boda drivers (motorbike taxis) to deliver the bread and earn a commission. Andrew quickly realized that there was a great need for the product and service, especially since the lockdowns had disproportionately affected Boda-Boda drivers, who are a vital transportation option in Uganda with over 30,000 operating in the country. As the project gained traction, Andrew designed a bread mixer using a Chinese diesel engine and a crank.

Last year, the bakery generated over $200,000 in sales with a small margin, which was reinvested locally, and the bakery expansion is ongoing with the goal of achieving national certification. Andrew's bakery has now become a hub for local leaders as a successful pilot project, and he has been the reason for planning new roads for the area. Electricity and water are expected to arrive later this year. In addition to the infrastructure improvements and developments, Andrew uses the profits from the bakery to provide scholarships to local students. Monetix is grateful to work with visionary leaders like Andrew and learn about local market knowledge and business customs.

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