The wet market in Uganda starts at 2 o'clock in the morning. Hotels, restaurants, catering companies, and small/medium-sized food companies are the patron customers during these hours. It is the perfect time to pick the freshest vegetables and fruits, choose the best part of the meat or buy rare ingredients, all fresh from the farms.

Surprisingly, farmers here are not just typical traders. The mode of payment here has options. Buyers can pay via cash or mobile money. Even for a single Mango, you can pay digitally.

Both importers and exporters of goods from nearby countries can also be seen. Huge loaded trucks are lined up at the road. Uganda is one of the biggest trading centers and suppliers in East Africa. Here is where the cash flow starts to circle in the market.

Farmers need financial assistance to ensure a good harvest. Most of the expenses go to seed purchasing, fertilizers, farming equipment, and the transportation of goods from high mountains to downtown. They have proven good credit standing, apply for a loan, and pay back on time, often even earlier than expected. We fund them, we help them, and through our local farmers - together, we help to feed Uganda.

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