Business Summit Africa - BSA, head offices in Kampala, Uganda, conduct business research, conferences, and collaboration with institutions to help both local and international companies to grow, build partnerships, and develop a strong presence in Africa.

As the pandemic hit the world, so as all business industries. Ben Owili, the CEO of Business Summit Africa, at that time, was running two campaigns with the European Union (EU) and the Government of Uganda - Ministry of Agriculture. One of these is Mapping Farmers, where they have to go to the public, do interviews, and get their locations and activities.

The second part was the IT development of an Information Management System. They had to switch the concentration of their campaigns from the Mapping farmers and focus on the IT development side. This brilliant move became successful, as this campaign is doable during the pandemic since they cannot go to the public.

The pandemic established limited access to the business' maximum potential. This made an impact on every company in the region. They had to wait until the cases of Covid-19 subside, to resume the campaigns. CapitalSavvy creates strong relationships with African entrepreneurs through financing and technology for African companies like Ben's.

"As soon as I got in touch with them (CapitalSavvy), my expectation was really extremely direct and also what they expected from me. For example, for me to access the facilities. They have everything and not only that, Everything is Online! I think that's what I like." - Ben Owili

Now they have 14 permanent staff but in total, they are working with hundreds of farmers, thriving and still doing business with CapitalSavvy.

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