The tech industry is constantly growing and changing, and as a result, there is a constant demand for skilled and talented developers. To meet this demand, it is crucial to invest in the education and development of future programmers. This is where Mindset Coders Uganda comes in.

Mindset Coders Uganda is a social enterprise that is dedicated to empowering young people in Uganda with the skills and mindset they need to succeed in the tech industry. The organization was founded with the belief that everyone, regardless of their background, should have access to quality education and the opportunities that come with it. With a special focus on young people in and out of school.

Founded in 2018, Mindset Coders has quickly established itself as a leading provider of computer science education and resources. The organization offers a range of programs and workshops to help young people develop their coding skills, as well as a growth mindset and a lifelong love for learning. Their programs are designed to be inclusive and accessible to all, with a focus on empowering underrepresented communities, such as girls and individuals from low-income backgrounds. Their team of experienced instructors and developers works closely with students to ensure that they receive the best possible education, filling the gap that is in the education system and their commitment to hands-on learning means that students can put their skills into practice from day one.

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Mindset Coders Uganda also provides mentorship and support to its participants, helping them not just to learn how to code, but also how to navigate the tech industry and build successful careers. The organization is made up of a team of experienced developers and mentors who are passionate about helping the next generation of coders succeed.

In addition to its educational programs, Mindset Coders Uganda is also actively involved in the wider tech community in Uganda, working to promote diversity and inclusivity in the industry. The organization partners with local businesses, schools, and organizations to provide internship and job opportunities to its participants, helping to bridge the gap between education and employment. They host regular coding events and workshops, and they use social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn to connect with and support their students and well-wishers.

Mindset Coders’ future plans? Mindset Coders has the vision to create a world-class coding and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) makerspace for Uganda. The goal of this makerspace is to provide a physical space where young people can come together to learn about coding and STEM and engage in hands-on activities and projects that help them develop their skills.

The makerspace will be equipped with cutting-edge technology and resources, including computers, 3D printers, and other tools, to give young people the opportunity to learn and experiment in a real-world environment. The makerspace will be a hub for innovation, creativity, and collaboration, where young people can work together on projects, share ideas, and build their skills.

Mindset Coders Uganda believes that this makerspace will play a vital role in the development of the next generation of coders and STEM professionals in Uganda. By providing young people with access to resources and opportunities that they may not have otherwise, the makerspace will help to bridge the skills gap and provide a pathway for young people to build successful careers in the tech industry.

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The makerspace will also serve as a hub for the wider tech community in Africa, providing a space for professionals to network and collaborate. It will help to foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship and provide a platform for young people to showcase their skills and projects to a wider audience.

Mindset Coders Uganda is working to create the first coding and STEM makerspace for Uganda as a way to empower young people with the skills and resources they need to succeed in the tech industry. This makerspace will help to create a new generation of coders and STEM professionals who are equipped to tackle the challenges of the digital age and build a better future for Africa.

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