(Swiss FinTech Company) and CapitalSavvy (Ugandan Investment Firm) has established a strong partnership over the years. The investment project to empower local African traders in East Africa increased its demand as it presented profitable results for our local traders. Particularly in Kampala, Uganda, where the business is widely known.

The FinTech Republic channel is a collaboration project by Monetix and CapitalSavvy. This channel aims to deliver the company's  FinTech News, East-Africa Investment updates,  High-Return Investments, East-Africa Business Tours, African Trader Interviews, Leader Exclusive Interviews, and EcoFriendly Business News.

This channel provides both current and future investors with transparency about the investment project in East Africa, as it promotes holistic business growth. Monetix and CapitalSavvy, implement concrete formulas to guarantee a high-return investment for our investors. They give access to its technology and provide financial assistance with exclusive business advisory programs.

FinTech Republic channel hosted by Rubaramira Benjamin, Investment Associate from CapitalSavvy, Crescenda Babiera,  Business Development from, and more FinTech Leaders soon.

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