The East African newspapers and business journals recently reported Uganda's financial sector as the most developed in East Africa, according to the latest study by the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum (OMFIF) and Absa Bank. In addition, one of the market forces is the increased Foreign Direct Investments (FDI), which make the country attractive to be a financial hub.

Monetix Ltd. is enthusiastic to deliver this news to its investors. As CapitalSavvy, its Ugandan partner, is one of the country's most profitable companies in the Financial sector, serving the broad market of SMEs, impact investing, and the government.

Uganda also has vast land for Agriculture produce, a young population workforce, warm people, and beautiful culture.

The said partnership is also Technology-driven, moving the cutting-edge technology of blockchain innovation in East Africa to empower the locals.

The investors favored the company's activities and were thrilled with the overall progress in the country's economic report. As a result, locking up their investments for a minimum of 3years is the best option.

"The sixth edition of the Absa Africa Financial Markets Index (2022) report shows that Uganda has significantly improved in five key areas compared to Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and DR Congo." - The East African

Learn More about the Report at The East African;

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