Ugandan Fashionista Hadijah | Impact Stories 2022
by Team Monetix

Hadijah is the owner of 4 second-hand clothing shops in downtown Kampala. She sells affordable second-hand pieces to allow the locals to experience branded clothing. She buys second-hand clothes in big sacks sent from Morocco to Uganda. Those usually contain dresses from high-end designers as well as fast fashion brands. A team of 4 employees sorts the clothes by price range early in the morning before putting them on the shelves. The dresses sell between USD 1 and USD 5 per piece.

Ugandans have a sense of fashion. They dress up even on ordinary days. They match their beautiful hairstyle to their native clothing mixed with western style. Hadijah’s shop is one of the most frequented shops in Kampala for branded, affordable, and quality apparel.

Through the Monetix platform, Hadijah receives working capital financing to buy clothing sacks. The loans are of short-term nature, typically paid off within a few days. The demand increases as word of mouth spread about her items. However, Hadijah does not just benefit from quick access to affordable capital but also enjoys the free education and business training Monetix offers through its local partners. This way she professionalizes the shop’s accounting practices and has better inventory management. It is a critical process as Hadijah aims to further expand and add more shops and employ more locals to serve fashion-enthusiastic Ugandans.

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