Women Driving Impact Investment
by Team Monetix

Monetix is proud to recognize the crucial role that women are playing in driving growth in the impact investing sector. Historically, women have been underrepresented in finance and investment, but recent years have seen a positive shift, with more and more women breaking through barriers to make an impact in the field of impact investing. Impact investing seeks to generate both a financial return and positive social and environmental impact.

According to a report by the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), women are leading the way in driving growth in the impact investing sector. The report found that women are more likely than men to recognize the importance of investing for impact and to invest in companies that prioritize social and environmental outcomes.

Audrey Choi, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Sustainability Officer at Morgan Stanley, is a prominent example of a woman making a significant impact in impact investing. Choi has been a leading voice in promoting sustainable investing and has played a key role in Morgan Stanley's efforts to channel capital towards sustainable investments.

Jacqueline Novogratz, Founder and CEO of Acumen, is another influential woman making an impact in impact investing. Acumen is a non-profit organization that uses impact investing to support social enterprises that address poverty and other social challenges. Novogratz is recognized as a leading voice in the impact investing space and has written extensively about the need for a more inclusive and sustainable approach to capitalism.

Women are also making an impact in impact investing through their leadership of impact investment firms. For instance, Jennifer Pryce is the President and CEO of Calvert Impact Capital, a prominent impact investment firm. Pryce has been a vocal advocate for impact investing and has worked to increase the accessibility of impact investments to a broader range of investors.

Women are making an impact in impact investing through their work as impact investors themselves. Abigail Noble, CEO of The ImPact, a membership network of families committed to making impact investments, is an exemplar. Noble has been a vocal advocate for the role of families in driving impact investing and has worked to develop strategies for families to align their investments with their values.

Another notable woman making an impact in impact investing is MacKenzie Scott, the philanthropist, and author. Scott has made headlines for her significant donations to a variety of nonprofit organizations focused on social and environmental impact. In her philanthropic work, Scott has emphasized the importance of investing in organizations led by people from historically marginalized communities, including women, people of color, and LGBTQ+ individuals.

More women are playing a significant role in the field of impact investing, from leading impact investment firms to investing directly in impact-oriented companies. As more and more women enter the field of finance and investment, we can expect to see even more progress towards a more sustainable and inclusive form of capitalism.

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