Monetix Accepted as VQF Member

VQF - Monetix

Zurich, Switzerland Feb 15, 2021 – Zurich headquartered company Monetix GmbH is now a member of the Swiss Financial Services Standards Association (VQF). VQF is the largest cross-industry Self- regulatory Organization (SRO) officially recognised by the Federal Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) with the longest history in Switzerland.

VQF is obliged to supervise its Switzerland based members with regards to the combating of money laundering and the prevention of the financing of terrorism.

After operating in private beta for over a year with our first partner, Uganda based CapitalSavvy, the acceptance as a VQF member enables Monetix to officially launch its brokerage services and accept third-party funds for investment purposes.

The Swiss VQF membership is of vital importance to Monetix, our customers, partners and investors. The license allows Monetix to pursue a wide range of business opportunities and continue to build the trusted bridge between the developed and the developing world.” – Patrick Prinz, CEO and Co-Founder of Monetix.

Our group is committed to a safe and reliable financial service by complying to the highest compliance and regulatory industry standards in order to provide a high level of investor protection.

Monetix customers are required to go through a rigorous onboarding and KYC verification process, after which they can get freely selected exposure to eligible micro-loans from our partners. This stringent due diligence represents the foundation of Monetix as a trusted brand and partner in the micro-lending market.

With our partners we are committed to developing social impact investing in the regions we operate.